4 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement

What is engagement and why is it important? Engagement is how much users are liking and commenting on your page, and how much time they spend viewing your posts, stories, etc.  The Instagram algorithm makes sure that the posts that show up on your timeline are the ones you engage with most. So if someone is following you but not engaging with your page, they may only see a few of your posts (or none at all).   

 If you are an influencer, engagement is important because brands want to work with influencers who have highly engaged, loyal followers who will take your advice and buy their products.  So contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a ton of followers to make money or work with brands. Let’s get into how to boost your engagement.

1. Post Consistently 

Make sure you are posting consistently to your account, whatever that means for you.  It could be every day, 3 times a week, or twice a day. Figure out what works best for you and stick to it, so your followers know what to expect.  If you post something and disappear for weeks at a time, your followers will either forget about you or lose interest and probably unfollow.

2. Post at the RIGHT time 

Posting when your audience is most active will help your posts be seen by more people, which means more people will like and comment.  If you have a business account, this is easy to track. Go to your account settings (3 horizontal lines at the top right of your page) and select “insights”, then “audience”.  This will tell you the days and times your audience is most active, as well as age-range, cities they live in and the percentage of women who follow vs men.  

3. Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to get your audience to interact with your page.  Do a quick Q&A using the questions feature and allow users to get to know you or your brand more.  Polls are an easy way to get them involved too. It can cover something serious like what type of content they would prefer to see from you, or something silly like “which do you prefer: cupcakes or donuts?”.  Ask a question and ask for followers to answer via DMs (make sure you respond back).  

4. Engage with Other Accounts

 Instagram is a “social” platform, so get on there and be social! Engage with other accounts and their followers, especially accounts similar to yours.  Don’t be spammy and promote your business or ask for people to follow you, just find a post you like and leave a genuine comment. Give them a compliment, or tell them you agree with what they are saying, etc.  This will make them more likely to view your page and hit the follow button if they like what they see.

Blog Contributor: Denecia Graham