5 Ways To Be Productive Today

Life is busy! That’s not a shock or surprise to any of us, right? Many of us are multi-hyphenate women. Meaning, we have multiple skills, talents, businesses, gifts, accomplishments, and more! When being caretakers of our children or loved ones are added into the equation, time management seems like an elusive concept. While we can't get 25 hours in a day, we can be more productive with the 24 we've been given. Time management and productivity start with a good system. Here are 5 things you can implement today to have a great and productive week!

Brain Dump 

It can be hard to decide what to do first when everything is still in your head. No matter how great your memory is, you will forget something if you keep it in your head and never get it on paper. A brain dump is simple. Spend a few minutes writing out everything you need to do or anywhere you need to be. From doctor's appointments to emails that need to be returned, to that large project you barely started, there's plenty to do. Write it out. When you see what you've written you're also more motivated to get it done.

Prioritize Tasks

Okay, Educated Qweens. We can do anything, but not everything, and definitely not all at once. Now that we've spent time doing a brain dump, there should be at least 5 items that need to be put in order. But, I'm guessing there's probably way more than 5. We're multi-hyphenates, remember? :)  

Categorize your list by importance and when it should be completed. Tasks that are a high priority and need to be done within 2 days or less, mark 'Immediate'. Things that are important, but can be done within 3-4 days, consider those 'Important'. For other tasks that may take longer than 4 days to a week, or for things that you just don't feel are super important, mark those 'Insignificant'. While prioritizing your list, use symbols, or colors to make your immediate priorities stand out from the insignificant ones.

Implement a System

Alright, we’re making progress, but Qween, you need a system! By creating a system, your plans are more likely to be completed and you're more likely to maximize your time. So, what's a system? A system is defined as a set of procedures or principles that helps you stay on track and get things done. Simple. There are so many options to help implement a system and manage your time well. 

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Planners - Yep, planners! Whether you like a huge planner with all the bells and whistles with goal planning pages and gratitude charts or, if you just want a monthly layout to let you know what's happening day to day, a planner is always a good place to start
  • Notes - Things happen throughout the day that may not be a part of our plans but are still critical things to get done. Using notes helps you to jot down things on-the-go.  Maybe you got a bright idea while waiting in line at the grocery store, or you may need to take important notes during an impromptu meeting or write down the name and phone number of someone you need to call back later. Notes are helpful parts of the system that helps us catch the random things that would otherwise be forgotten. Apps like Evernote, Agenda, Microsoft OneNote, and even the notes app on your phone are great options to choose from. 
  • Reminders - Much like notes, reminders help us keep up with those one-offs that aren't a part of our daily routine.  Reminders can be set for literally anything, and with some phones or apps, you can be reminded of a thing based on location, which is helpful if you need to get something done on your way to work or after leaving an event. This is a key part of the system because it catches the things that may fall through the cracks and helps with consistency. If you need to work out every day at 5:30 pm, set a reminder to help you stay on track.  Maybe you met a potential client and agreed to call them within an hour. That one reminder could be the difference between gaining a new client and turning them off because you didn’t keep your word. 
  • Command Centers - This one may not be as widely known and may take a little more work, but it is worth it! A command center is an area of your home dedicated to the logistics of your life. This is especially great if you have children or anyone who depends on you for their well-being. It is a great way to have everything for everyone organized and accounted for in one place. Command centers are generally in a central place in the house and consists of a calendar, a dry erase board or chalkboard, some sort of shelving or hanging setup, a place to file and organize papers, and possibly a desk. Once set up, as you come in and leave the house, everything you need to check or take with you for the day is present and available.  It’s a very efficient method and it helps create accountability for other members of the family. Because it’s located in a high-traffic area of the home, everyone can easily see what’s been written on the boards or 

Do the Work!

All of the brain dumping, lists, prioritizing, reminders, and command centers in the world mean nothing if you do not do the work. Once you have a system for keeping track of your lists and priorities, start working through them. Sometimes you'll have to start small. Pick a few key things each day from your priority list and only focus on completing those 3 to 4 items. Another way to do the work is to wake up one hour earlier than usual each day and use that time to do the hardest task you have. Sure, it's hard to get up early, but you'll be grateful you got it out of the way early and won't have to carry any unnecessary stress or anxiety throughout the day.  To get from one thing to another, we have to do the work.

Perspective is Everything

This one should probably be listed first, honestly. Time management and productivity begin with perspective. What we say or think about time, creates a belief system within us that can either be harmful or helpful. Do you say, "I do not have time for (fill in the blank)?" Or, do you say, "I will make time for (fill in the blank)?" Shifting your mind, shifts how you see the world around you. Because we are all given the same 24 hours, we must all have a method to maximize that time. Changing your view on time management will take you from not having enough time, to carefully planning your day so that you can spend more time on what matters instead of scrambling to get things done.

In this fast-paced world, having the right system in place to ensure goals are met is important. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with the demands of life, but there are ways to help you keep things together and stay on your game. Try implementing these 5 easy tasks to be more productive and get stuff done, Qween! 


 Author: Danada Hart