Are my expectations too HIGH?

In a world with billions of people, who have different beliefs, opinions, likes, dislikes, is it good to have expectations?

Let’s be real… we all have expectations even if they are little ones. We trust that our cars will get us from point A to B and sometimes maybe G. We expect the grocery store to have the food we want to cook for dinner. In relationships, we hope they are loving, caring, honest, faithful, funny, the list goes on. 

Expectations are a part of life. The toxicity behind them comes when we have them “too high” or holding people accountable. So let's talk about that. If it is so normal to have expectations what does it mean when they are “too high”? Is someone's expectations high to someone because they can’t reach them? If so, whose fault is that? Or in turn will it push the other person to reach a higher level they didn’t think they could reach?  

Okay, okay that was a lot of questions all in one. But it made you think! 

We need to have reasonable and attainable expectations that we not only hold others to but ourselves as well. In doing this we will have to be honest. Are the expectations ones that you can achieve as well or is it a projection of your own insecurities? In all of the different stages of life our expectations have changed. When we were little girls we wanted prince charming to come and whisk us away into our own fairytale ending. As we became young women we wanted to have things by a certain age. We needed the house, husband, kids, two dogs, and white picket fence by the time we were 30 years old. Oh and how the goals changed when 30 started creeping up on you. Not only did you see that you wanted more but that you could accomplish things that you didn’t believe you could before. GROWTH! 

We must never settle for less than what we deserve. Our expectations are going to constantly be changing as with everything in our lives. By being honest and reasonable these absolutely can be achieved. It’s not “too high”. It is your standards. If you are walking in your true, radiant, and authentic self then there is nothing that can’t be reached. Perception is your reality. Shoot for the stars Qween. 


By: Mo