Hi Power : Recognizing Your Personal Power

Be careful about who and what you allow to have power over me. Power is not given by position or status. Power lies within. Socially we are made to believe that with accomplishments through the possession of awards, degrees, money, or even influence that one individual is to be more powerful than another. We are also individually influenced to allow people and situations to have emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical power over us specifically in workspaces or intimate relationship. Loved ones of various types relationships and commitments have tried to be the power in our lives that we are to bow to.

 So, do not belittle yourself and your responsibility into not being the ruler of your own soul. Do not allow your position or situation at any point in time make you believe that you are not a powerful force in this world and beyond. There is joy in having power over your own soul and not passing it over to relationships or situations. Once we realize where our power lies what is stopping us from being a powerful force in every relationship and situation? Similar to faith, the difference between where we are and where we want to be in terms of power is our mindset. If you were to take on the mindset of being a powerful, valuable force there is no combination of words, actions, or gestures committed by any situation or individual that can disturb your power or determine your value. Unless you give it the power to do so. You have every right to be powerful and feel valued at all times.


So, do just that by taking responsibility for your power and holding yourself accountable for your value. Say hi to power and cherish yourself, love.


Affirmations: I am a powerful and valuable force in the world

I take responsibility for my power by recognizing my value

I give myself to spaces, people, and situations that recognize and respect me as valuable and powerful

Blog contributor: Christian Pridgen