Not Today, Not Never: A New Perspective on Anxiety

Do you stand up to your anxiety? Think about it. Reflect on the ways in which your mind and body prepare to face those mental challenges. Aim to remember all of the gritty details, what do you say or do in those moments? write down your observations. This exercise is to reflect on how your perception of anxiety influences your reactions.

Since our thoughts and words have meaning, they hold an energetic vibration that is mirrored by our choices. If we view anxiety as a hindrance, it will continue to be and our body will have no choice but to follow up on how we think and feel. Meaning, every time there is a trigger we will react as if it is our first time. We will be fearful or avoidant. And the reality is, we shouldn’t be because experiencing anxiety is very common and human. 

If we change our perspective towards being anxious, we will find an alternative way to make it work for us. This approach requires becoming observant of the moment, so we can get familiar with the patterns of our anxiousness. Then, try different methods to achieve stability. Through becoming familiar with our anxiety, we will see how it highlights what no longer works in our best interest. 

Credit: Photo of Woman Reading Books by Retha Ferguson 

By: Shay Fuller