30 Social Media Post Ideas

Content is king (or Qween).  If you’ve been on social media a while then you know that having quality content that your audience is interested in is probably the most important component of your social media marketing strategy.  Coming up with consistent content can be hard, so here is a list of post ideas to get you started.  Make sure to customize them to your specific business and use this list to inspire other ideas as well.


  1. Share about your product or services
  2. Give a tutorial on how to do something 
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Talk about how/why you got started
  5. Give a behind the scenes peek of your office, warehouse, new launch etc.
  6. Share a blog post
  7. Share a book or podcast you’re currently into
  8. Motivation quote
  9. Ask your audience a question or take a poll
  10. Quick tip 
  11. Answer questions 
  12. Giveaway
  13. Thank your followers/customers for their support 
  14. Share a success
  15. Introduce your pets or family
  16. What’s your daily routine?
  17. Share your reading list 
  18. Workout tip 
  19. Share your favorite apps, websites and resources
  20. Flat lay of your favorite products 
  21. What inspires you
  22. Your Goals
  23. Share a testimonial from a customer
  24. Give Advice
  25. Something that inspires you 
  26. Offer a freebie 
  27. Talk about an event you are hosting or contributing to
  28. Promote your website 
  29. Solve a problem
  30. Run a special promotion

By:Denecia Graham