Basic Steps to Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

Basic Steps to Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

This generation is easily the generation of hustlers and go-getters.  The entrepreneurial spirit runs deeply within us and we are determined to change the world.  We are full of ideas, wonder, innovation, and talent.

Many of us have hobbies that we’ve perfected over the years.  We are writers, singers, designers, consultants, product and service creators, and so many other things. There is plenty of potential to turn our ideas into profitable businesses.

The talent doesn’t go unnoticed either.  With social media, there is an ongoing opportunity to showcase what we know and what we can do.  Eventually, the right people will see it and want to hire us for our services or pay for our products.  If you’ve been quietly perfecting your craft and ready to profit from your experience

But, we have to take the leap!

So, how can you make your hobby a business?

Here are a few steps to get you started...

  • First, consider where you want to be visible.  Do some research to determine where you have the most traffic or want to do business in general. For some, that’s Facebook.  For others, it may be Instagram or maybe even Pinterest. Tip: Pinterest boasts a huge opportunity for visibility!
  • Next, think of an easy way your followers and potential customers or clients can get in contact with you.  If you offer services, consider a scheduling service. There are tons of free scheduling apps such as Calendly or Square Appointments.  If you sell products, consider if you want to sell from your IG page or set up an Etsy store or something similar.
  • Decide how you want to be paid.  If you’re just starting out, you may not have a website.  And that’s okay! While it’s something you’ll want to get in time, it’s not 100% necessary when you’re first transitioning your hobby to a business.  Use Google Pay or PayPal to help with payments until you decide to use a different service.
  • Next, create awareness.  You don’t have to be a marketing expert to put some simple marketing strategies to use.  Use stories and posts to let your followers know what you’re doing.  

For example, if you make body products, make creative posts, stories or videos talking about your products.  If you offer consulting services, discuss the services you offer and how you can help clients solve the problems they’re facing.  

  • The key here is consistency.  If you post for 2 days and go silent for 2 weeks, it’s not likely that people will remember what you have to offer. Stay visible!
  • There’s also a legal component here.  You may want to consider registering your business, obtaining copyrights, buying a domain name, and trademarking your business name or slogan.  Much like a website, these aren’t things you have to do immediately but plan to do it in the near future especially if you have a strong following and want to keep building over time.  Those legalities protect you and your business in the long run.

Going from a hobby to business takes work, consistency, and planning but it’s completely possible to be successful.  If you’re dedicated to seeing what was once a hobby to become a loved product or service for others, then it’s worth the work.

Stay encouraged and show up for yourself each day.  These are tips to get you started, but as you learn and grow, explore new ways to expand your business.  There’s a wealth of information available and people to mentor and coach you along the way.  

You have the creativity and ideas required.  Now, just take a chance on yourself!

By: Danada Hart

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