Be Free

None but ourselves can free us from mental slavery

-Bob Marley

We are trained to constitute ourselves. We govern our thoughts, actions, and expressions seeking justification through social norms. At birth our main means of communication is through crying. We cry when we are hungry, tired, in pain, need to be held, or simply want our parents. In a short period of five to ten years this form of expression is no longer acceptable. Well, only under certain circumstances are we cared for when we cry.

 Allow yourself the opportunity to feel and express freely again. Free up the control your mind has over your soul and emotions. Don't suffocate the authenticity of who you are within for the acceptance and appreciation of others. Freely feel, freely express, freely share when you feel compelled. We are each individually responsible for our own forsaking of our spiritual being for the survival and acceptance of our physical being. When we search our souls we are enlightened to that which we are outwardly enslaved to. Material things including cars, money, clothes, popular culture, and relationships we think we belong in or owe ourselves to govern us. 

There is an entire universe inside each of us that has been confined to justification through social norms. The door is wide open, windows too, I know you feel the tease of the breeze. The air is free to breathe, so go ahead. With a deep inhale free your mind, free your heart, and free your soul. As you exhale, release everything that is holding you.  

Be free from physicality and wander through your soul.



I am responsible for who i am not what people make of me

I am free to be me

I know who i am

I am free to feel and express

It is okay if I am not accepted

By: Christian Pridgen