Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Balance... one of the things in life that we are always trying to chase! And just when we feel like we find it, boom, we seem to lose it again. As women, entrepreneurs, and Qweens we wear a lot of different hats: Mother, daughter, sister, friend, boss, wife, lover, and sometimes more than one hat at a time. We are constantly putting other people's needs before our own. So how do we find the balance without sacrificing our own needs?

We start small. Give yourself 5-10 mins or a small task like getting your nails done or finishing that chapter of that book. Hey, why not blend finding our balance and self-care right!? Balance is so important. We can not have our loved ones come drink from our “empty cup”. We have to keep it full or at the very least half full. 

Now, balance looks different for everyone. So really dig deep and find what works for you. What if that’s just it? You don’t know what works for you. Start with stability then. Once you find stability in the essential parts of life, balance can tend to develop naturally. The essential parts might include relationships, work, home, and family. In other words the things that motivate us. This is not something that tends to happen overnight. So don’t stress about it if you feel like you slightly lose your balance either. Stress will only make it worse. Just stay eager and know that we all have days that we are “a little off”. 

Are you going to take the challenge of finding your balance? What are some ways that work best for you?

By: Mo

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