Improve Your Social Media Marketing with These Apps

Marketing your business through social media can be a lot of work and overwhelming at times.  You have to consistently create content to share with your audience as well as monitoring and connecting with your audience, sometimes across multiple platforms.  Thankfully, there are lots of helpful apps to help you create high quality, content, and keep you organized.


Planoly is an easy to use instagram scheduling app.  You can create a cohesive feed by uploading a photo (or photos) to your grid, then using the drag and drop feature to see where the photo will look best with the photos already on your feed.  You can create content and draft captions, schedule the date and time you want to upload, and post directly to Instagram.  


Hootsuite is a great choice if you manage multiple networks and profiles.  With the app you can schedule, publish, and monitor conversations from anywhere.  It does take time and practice to learn how to use the program, but they offer lots of helpful courses.


Wordswag is an app used for creating text graphics.  You can upload your own photo, or choose from one of their beautiful backgrounds or photos.  From there, write your caption and choose from the many text fonts they have. 


Canva is great for creating professional designs and graphics (no graphic design degree required) You can create text graphics, posters, bulletins, ads, borders, stickers, etc.  They have so many templates to choose from, and have them pre-formatted for instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.


An easy to use photo editing tool.  You can adjust the sizing and lighting, tint, temperature, clarity and more,  as well as choose from a ton of high-quality filters. There are free and paid subscription options.



This is another photo editing app, that is a little more advanced.  It can be used to adjust sizing, lighting, color, and detail, as well as add filters.  You can also purchase or create presets and save them on the app to be used over and over again.


This app is used to retouch photos, whiten teeth, smooth out imperfections, remove red eye, etc.  It’s better to keep your photos as natural as possible, and not go overboard with photoshop, but there is nothing wrong with editing or enhancing them a little as needed


By: Denecia Graham