New Year, Same Self- Care

New Year, Same Self- Care


It is a new year and to be honest there is no need for a new you because you have been growing. You have been intentional about taking time to love yourself and make whatever sacrifices needed to bring to life the life you are worthy of, you go girl! It is time you celebrate,  but let us first reflect on how far you have come, the friends you have parted ways with, the friends you have made, the adventures you have been on, the challenges you have accepted and overcome, the boundaries you have set, and the giants you have slay'd. BABYGIRL YOU ARE DOING YOUR THING!

Proverbs 3:13-15 reminds us that the wisdom that we have gained in 2019 is more valuable than silver and gold, more precious than rubies. It also reminds us that material gain does not compare to wisdom at all.  So, let’s celebrate the wisdom that 2019 has brought us and the wisdom that is to come in 2020! Here are a few affirmations and a meditation practice for you to engage in to celebrate yourself, the wisdom you have gained, and bring to life more of yourself as we grow into this new year!


I am rich in wisdom 

I laugh without fear of the future *laugh here*

I am only getting better

Everything is as it is suppose and is working for my good

I am open to receive the growth that this year has to offer me


Growth looks good on me


This is a little different then the meditations you may be used to, but it will start in a familiar way. Here are a few steps to engage in, do them in whichever order works best for you.


  1.     Find a comfortable place and position to center yourself. Once you are comfortable close your eyes and take three deep breaths one for love, one for light, and one for prosperity. With each breath focus on breathing and in your head say one of the words love, light, or prosperity. Inhale and exhale for 4 or 5 seconds each. Repeat this sequence until you feel yourself settle.

*You may also light your favorite candle, burn incense, palo santo, or sage, whatever makes you most comfortable. 

  1.     Grab a sheet of paper, split it into two sections. Use one section to reflect on and write a list of wisdoms that you have gained in 2019. Keep it simple, this is for your eyes only so write what you feel, don’t try to be fancy.
  2.     On the next section write a list of wisdoms you would like to grow toward in 2020. Make it personal and stretch yourself, write something that you know will be tough and will take some discipline.
  3.     Take a few minutes to look at and meditate on the list of wisdoms that you have gained. In your own words thank yourself for the work that you have done to achieve the wisdom that you now carry with you. Then in your own words thank God, your creator for the strength and all other resources that have been given. Lastly give thanks for the journey and the wisdom that is to come, both to yourself and God.
  4.     Now it is time to celebrate. Play your favorite self-love and empowerment song or songs on repeat and dance until you get tired. 

Here are a few song suggestions:

       Private Party – India Arie

       Video - India Arie

       I Choose – India Arie

       All About You – Rai Elle

       Vivrant Thing- Q-Tip

       We, Diamonds – Dawn Richard

       Grown Women – Beyoncé

       Brown Skin Girl- Beyoncé

       Schoolin Life - Beyoncé

       Miss Shiney- Kaiit

  1.     Lastly, take a nap, meditate a little more, take a walk outside, or do some yoga to just soak in how you are feeling. Let’s KEEP THIS SAME ENERGY ALL 2020!


Educated Qween hopes 2020 will be full of prosperity, love, and the best of everything life has to offer you!

By: Christian Pridgen

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