Power in your words: Part I

Words… Something that we use everyday but do we really know the power and definition of them. The meaning of “word” has so many different connotations: 

  • Something that someone says or writes; a remark or piece of information.
  • A person's account of the truth, especially when it differs from that of another person.
  • A promise or assurance.
  • Angry talk.
  • A command, password, or motto.

So with all these different meanings why are we not more careful with the words that we use? How many of us Qweens are guilty of unintentionally saying something negative about someone else or even ourselves? Okay what about if you didn’t say it out loud but you thought it? If we didn’t say it out loud does it mean that the words don’t have any power behind them?

Words that we say or don’t say out loud still have so much power to them. As women, we need to focus on the words we say to ourselves. Nobody is perfect so there are going to be days when negative thoughts come to mind. “I’m not good enough.” “I can’t do that.” “I will never be successful like her.” “I’m too fat.” “ I’m too skinny.” But what if when we have thoughts like these we change our mindset. Take out the disapproving ideas and see what happens.

Speaking malicious words to ourselves only limits us from the infinite possibilities that we are more than capable of achieving. It stops us from capturing the greatness that is YOU. Nobody wants to be the person that stands in their own way. However we are willing to say words about ourselves that we wouldn’t want anyone else to say or even hear. 

To make a change, WE have to be the change. So start with 1 day and say 3 positive affirmations about yourself. Now try a week, then month. Push yourself! Watch how quickly your world changes. Pay attention to how you feel and all the blessings coming your way. Remember that the words that we say to ourselves are just as meaningful as the words we use everyday. Add some of the love that you give to others to yourself.  

Positive Affirmations:

You are beautiful.

You are unique.

You got this.

You are enough.

You are smart.

You are worthy.

Your thoughts and words become your reality.

You are resilient and can achieve any and everything.

Don’t worry about things you can’t control. 

Release all doubts and insecurities about yourself.

Enjoy the beauty that is YOU in the words used this month. Next month for Part II,  let’s work on the words we use for others. 

 By: Mo