Travels With Tracey

Travels With Tracey


Hey! Hola! My Name Is Tracey Simone, A 23 Year Old Educator, Based Out Of Houston, TX. I Am Currently A 2017 Teach For America Corps Member From Durham, NC. Outside Of Starting A Non-Profit, I Am Aspiring To Inspire Young Minorities To Travel, Through The Brand "WeTravelBlack". As Founder Of "WeTravelBlack" I Am Able To Cultivate Authentic Cultural Experiences While Helping Young Travelers, Travel.

Where Was Your Favorite Place You Explored And Why ?

Cape Town Because It Was Beautiful; Mountains With Valleys Over Looking The Ocean; Amazing Food And An Uplifting Lively Culture.

What Did You Gain And Take Away From This Experience ?

It Opened Up My Eyes To Other Developing Countries, That As An American Citizen, Are Over Shadowed Or Looked Down Upon. The People And Culture Were Incomparable! People Accepted You As Their Own. As An African-American, I Had The Opportunity To Understand A Lot Of The History And Dive Deep Into The Struggles That Many South Africans Faced. I Was Able To Learn About The Disparities That Existed Within Their Communities; Millionaires With 10 Bedroom Houses, Next Door To Villages With Dozens Of People That Share One Source Of Running Water. It Made Me Hungry To Seek Out Opportunities To Use My Blessings, To Be A Blessings To Others.

Top 3 Traveling Resources You Use When Planning Your Vacation?

Scotts Cheap Flights, Bookit, And Google Flights.

How would you like to be contacted if anyone wants to ask you a couple of questions?

IG @WeTravelBlack 

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